AwardSpace Faq Support

Email Send/Receive

The email service is only available to registered domain owners and paid hosting users.  Free hosting can receive email being sent to their domain/subdomains but not send email directly from their sites.  Paid hosting can both send and recieve email.
Please look to the Awardspace Hosting FAQ for instructions on setting up your email accounts within your Awardspace hosting control panel.
The issue about what you as a free hoster can and can't do is a bit convoluted... so I will try to explain it simply.

What can be done

Receiving Email

  • Free hosting users can receive emails sent to their domain/subdomain email addresses.
  • Free hosting users can use an email client like Outlook to read their emails.
  • Free hosting users can use their AwardSpace account's webmail facility to read their emails.
  • Free hosting users can use any webmail site to read their emails which is configured to collect their site emails.
  • Free hosting users can read email which was initiated from a mailto link on their site through any of the above methods.

Sending Email

  • Free hosting users can send email using gmail directly from the gmail site.  This method allows the email address to appear as if it is coming from your domain/subdomain email address.
  • Free hosting users can use an email client like Outlook which has an external smtp host setup from which they can send emails.
  • Free hosting users can have email sent to their site's email address from a mailto link on their site... (sent from your site to your site email address)
  • Free hosting users can use externally hosted scripts to send emails to both their site email address or to other recipients.

What can't be done

  • Free hosting users cannot send email directly from their sites.. through any method which is not listed in the "What can be done" section... that's it pure and simple.  What this means is that your forms, forum/user applications etc cannot send you or anyone an email.. FULLSTOP...
  • Free hosting users cannot receive email which is being sent to their site email address if the email was initiated from their site... the only exception is from a mailto link.
External methods will need to be applied in order for any email not being sent through a mailto link from your site to work. 
For forms you can either use an externally hosted form where the host permits sending of the form data to an email address, or you can have the form data sent to a flatfile/*.txt file on your site which you will need to monitor yourself.  You can also have the form open the user's email client (mailto function via submit button) and automatically fill in the details and then the user will have to send the email containing the data from their email client... for you to retrieve.
For forum applications or anything which would require user authentication, then this is far more tricky... and to be honest there currently isn't a universal workaround.  It would simply be easier to disable user authentication.