AwardSpace Faq Support

Why does my page redirect to AwardSpace?

The redirecting pages is how AwardSpace tells you that something is wrong with the code on your page. Unfortunately because these pages redirect rather quickly it can often make it difficult for new users to figure out what is going wrong with their sites.

This is the easiest method I know to detect which error message it is you are actually getting... disable javascript in your browser (close your browser to make the setting stick), and load the page from your site which causes the redirect into your browser, you should be able to freely view the source now to find which error message you are getting... or in some cases even have enough time for the error image to load into the page to tell you what's wrong.

Once you are actually able to distinguish which error message it is you are getting, then you can start trying to fix it by going to the Server Error Message topic which corresponds to your error.