AwardSpace Faq Support

How to help us to help you on the AwardSpace forums.

When you are posting into the forums about the problems you are experiencing with your site, it will help us greatly if you tell us some relevant facts about your site so that.

    1. AwardSpace system admins can have something to check
    2. Forum staff can have something to check

Some of the information we would require is:

    Your site url - this is a must have in your post, without this we cannot verify whether you are having a problem... and we will need to be able to verify that you are having a problem in order to help with it.

    Your site server's CP# - obtained by looking at the address bar when you login to your AwardSpace account. Receiving this information will aid us in assessing whether an error you are getting is serverwide or just affecting your site. This will help us to notify other user's if their server is down.

    Your AwardSpace account username - If you are unable to supply us with a CP# AwardSpace staff could use this to check, may even be requested by System Admins and Forum Admins.

    Your location - Not absolutely necessary, but has been found useful in determining whether site routers for certain regions have gone down... especially with connectivity queries. (I apologise for my lack of knowledge of the tech-terminology)

    And of course the nature of the problem you are having. Be specific.. very specific. The more information we have on the problem the easier it will be for us to help. If you are getting an error on a specific page, then post the link to the page which gives the error, we do not want to have to go searching through your site to have to find the error.