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I can't see my pictures!

There are several reasons why images won't show on pages (instead you see a little  X ), just go through the following checklist to make sure you are doing all that is possible to have your images show on your pages.  If you were referred to this topic due to your site not showing updated content, or if you are getting the "this domain still has no index.html page uploaded!" message, these simple tips will also apply. 

  1. check that the image/file exists on the server
  2. check that the image/file is in the correct directory as specified in your html
  3. check the spelling of your filenames and folders... with AwardSpace case matters eg: if your html says "Janice.JPG" then you will need to have a file called "Janice.JPG" in order for it to show correctly. JANICE.jpg or Janice.jpg will not work if it isn't specifically named in your html file. For this reason we recommend the use of lowercase names for both files and directories.
Anti-Hotlinking employs an anti-hotlinking system on it's servers. What this generally means is that you cannot link to any of your hosted files/images from any another website.... so if you are using a graphic you have saved on AwardSpace as an avatar or a sig for a forum, and it's not showing... this is the reason why.

Correct Use of tags:
If you want the image to show on your page use tag like
<img src="imagefolder/picture.jpg">
If you want to link to an image on your site from within your html use tag like
<a href="imagefolder/picture.jpg>click for bigger picture</a>
css use {background:url(imagefolder/picture.jpg)}

If you have tried everything above, and still you can't view your pictures then when posting about your image problems to the forums, don't forget to post a link to the page with your missing image on it... giving us a link to the image directly simply won't work due to the anti-hotlinking rule.

These are the usual reasons why images won't work..

However there are times when you know you have done everything possible to have your images show... and yet they still don't so what is wrong there??

Here are some possible reasons:
  1. Browser blocking images - many browsers are now capable of blocking images from certain sites or entire domains. eg: IE can be set to block all images from every site... check your browser for any settings which will block images.
  2. Firewall or Antivirus blocking images - Yep! sometimes your firewall or antivirus thinks that your own site could be a hazard to your computer... so blocks it... if possible add your site to the trusted zone in your firewall and antivirus applications. Also disabling your firewall temporarily, then loading your page and then re-enabling your firewall helps to ensure your site will load correctly.
  3. Ad Blockers - Often will block images which contain "banner" or "header" in the filename... check the settings for any ad-blockers (either stand-alone or bundled with your browser) to allow that files from your site can load.
  4. Browser caching - Where your browser decides it's better to keep an older version of the page in it's cache in order to make loading faster. Usually clicking refresh [F5] will reload the new page, if that fails then a forced refresh [shift + F5] or [ctrl + F5] ought to do it, sometimes though even that won't clear the browser cache...

    So what you could then do is delete your temporary internet files
    • Internet Explorer click "tools"-->"internet options"-->"temporary internet files"-->"delete file".
    • Opera click "file"-->"preferences"-->"History and Cache"-->"Empty Now"
    • Firefox click "Tools"-->"options"-->"privacy"-->"cache"-->"clear"
    It is recommended you restart your browser after.

    There also is the option of setting your browser to not cache:
    • Internet Explorer users, click Tools>Internet Options>Temporary Internet Files>Settings>Every visit to the page
    • Firefox users, Tools>Options>Privacy>Cache>(Change your cache size, 0=no cache)
    • Opera users, File>Preferences>History and cache>(set your cache size or simply turn it off)
    It is recommended you restart your browser after.
    Note that setting your browser to not cache can degrade your browser performance.

    Or if you want to get really cunning add these meta tags to the head portion of the html on your pages:

  5. Internet Service Provider caching - "In the same way that your web browser has a cache of recent web pages, your Internet Service Provider can use the same strategy and may be doing so on your behalf.

    In some (rare) cases, even though you are using shift-refresh to get fresh web pages from the internet, the pages still seem to be old. This may be because your Internet Service Provider also has a cache and their cache may not be set up quite right, and they are not fetching fresh web pages themselves.

    This is a little harder to fix and you will have to liaise with your Service Provider carefully explaining the problem. He/she/they/it should then be able to fix it for you."
    as quoted from
This site below gives some good tips on alleviating the problems regarding caching