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I get a 403 - forbidden error!

This redirecting error is caused by word filters that have been placed on our sites by AwardSpace. use such filters to prevent phishing, so please avoid using links to any of the following listed sites within your html.

Blocked Words List

Blocked Sites List

The following is a list of sites where hotlinking to their images will cause a 403 error. In this case copy the graphic to your images directory on your site and link to the image locally from there.

Blocked Images List

Avoid the use of the above and your pages will be served without error.
This post will be updated as new prohibited words are added

Just to clarify:
The filter is actually a string filter, not a word filter.. not a link filter. But for simplicity's sake we will say it is a word filter.  The use of the prohibited words in your html code in any way shape or form will give you a 403 Error.

The reason why we place so much emphasis on links is simply because the prohibited words are more often than not used as links.

The purpose of the word filter is not for control of advertising but to prevent phishing scam sites from being able to operate on AwardSpace servers.

If your pages do not contain any references to any of the blocked words above and you still get the redirecting 403 error page, then review your page's html, as it's possible that a new prohibited word has been added by AwardSpace, and is not listed here.

The best way for YOU to find out what part of your page code is causing this error for YOURSELF is to:
CREATE a test.html page and
UPLOAD this page with the erroneous code content in it, in parts
UPDATING the page in your browser after each addition until you get the 403 error
and then you should be able to figure out from there which part within that last added piece of code is causing the error.

OR if you like you could post the html content into your forum post/pm and WE will see if WE can spot the problem word/s for you.

If you find a new prohibited word/link PM me on the AwardSpace forums to add it to this list.

Please note that the words paypal and ebay are no longer being filtered but they do need special treatment. If your paypal link or ebay link is not correctly working please do make a post onto the forum and post the code which is causing the 403 error (less any references to your paypal accounts) and we will attempt to help you correct the problem.

Should you wish to discuss this subject further then contact the AwardSpace sytem admins, as forum staff is not privy to how/what/why or when... we only become aware when a user alerts us and a system admin confirms. You can contact them at

If you have a forum page which is displaying this 403 error contact and ask them to check for any banned words, because only the system administrators are able to view your page without the error displaying. The forum staff will NOT be able to assist in this matter.

Please note this error page will redirect on all browsers. This is the most common server error message that a user will receive... however there is also another 403 error message which can occur, but it doesn't redirect with all browsers and it is explained in the following post.