AwardSpace Faq Support

I get a 404 - not found error!

This redirecting error is caused by the server being unable to find the file being called from within the html of your pages.

Just go through the following checklist to make sure you are doing all that is possible to avoid this error.

  1. check that the file/image exists on the server
  2. check that the file/image is in the correct directory as specified in your html
  3. check the spelling of your filenames and folders... with AwardSpace case matters eg: if your html says "Janice.JPG" then you will need to have a file called "Janice.JPG" in order for it to show correctly. JANICE.jpg or Janice.jpg will not work if it isn't specifically named in your html file... the same goes for naming of your folders, html files and other permitted filetypes.
If your file/folder names differ from what you use in your html, you have 2 choices... you can either rename your file to match the html, or edit your html to match the filename. For this reason we recommend the use of lowercase names for both files and directories.

Be Warned!! If a missing html file or image is the sole source content of a frame or iframe, the entire page will be redirected!!!